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... will be a family of hardware platforms based on iMX8 and IPC architectures.

... will facilitate merging OT and IT being the interface at the Data Technology (DT) level

... is called Data Technology Manager, or DTM


As central access point to the OT, DTM is based on a secure OS and offers many services to ensure the highest possible security standards.


DTM is a secure by design development. Security is key to our product as it is key to plants and machines. Using KasperskyOS, we assure the highest security standards while accessing the installation through DTM from external but also internal networks.

A Linux version with KSS, the security kernel from KOS will be available too.


DTM communicates to OT, IT, and other edge devices via OPC UA + TSN.


DTM integrates the Matrikon FLEX OPC UA SDK and provides all facets the technology offers. It is prepared to support Pub/Sub and TSN to assure real-time data transfer between devices and technology levels. Specific companion specs and drivers to access data over other protocols are in our roadmap, others can be added any time.
Matrikon FLEX OPC UA


DTM embeds a database and offers access for modern data monitoring and processing.


DTM hosts InfluxDB, an open-source time series database to locally save machine and process data. Thanks to Grafana, these data can be analyzed and visualized in a customizable dashboard for direct access to the data that is of interest to the user.


DTM hosts proprietary AI technology that executes both model training and execution locally. Reinforcement learning allows a continuous optimization of the algorithms.


Machine and process data are key to a company. DTM allows analyzing, understanding, using and benefiting from these data locally. Not only the data remain in the user’s hands but it avoids expensive cloud based ML services. An efficient data analysis can only be done together with the process or machine user. We offer the tools and the services to analyze data together with their owner.


  • Collection of machine/process data
  • Transfer of data between OT and IT
  • Secure access to automation systems for i.e. software update
  • Secure access to machine/process data
  • Remote monitoring of key machine information in a customized dashboard
  • Secure exposition of selected data to standard IT tools via standard communication protocols
  • Predictive maintenance / Prediction of failure modes
  • Quality control (deviation from recipes, subtle abnormalities in behavior, change in raw materials, etc…)
  • Shorten design time by improving knowledge through data of former devices / machines / processes
  • Reduce material waste
  • Extend remaining Useful Life of equipment or machines
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Prediction of failure modes
  • Improve customer service by analyzing customer data

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